It’s like Layaway for tickets and campsites!

Split your cost into 2 monthly payments.

If you wish to pay for your tickets in increments instead of all at once please choose the “Layaway Plan” option when checking out in your shopping cart. This will break your total cost into monthly payments lasting over two months. There will be a $10 fee added for using the payment plan, but no interest is accrued. All fees will be processed on your first payment.

“If you choose to cancel at any point during the payment plan you will be charged a $75 cancellation fee, refunded the amount you have paid so far, and exempt from the remaining payments. Canceling will relinquish ownership of any tickets or campsites you have claimed and they will be available for others to purchase. Minimum total of $100 required to use payment plan.

Example: Total Overall Cost of Order: $400

  • 1st Payment (day of purchase- March 25th, for example) 50% of total order cost + fees
  • 2nd Payment (April 25): 50% of total ticket cost


A few points to be noted:
– A minimum of $100 must be purchased to enroll.
– The second payment is applied to your card automatically the following month on the same day you made the initial purchase (ie. If you purchased on the 19th, you will be charged on the 19th the next month).
– If your EZPay payment details change (card expires, use different card), please call us at 855-821-9212 to submit new details.